Walk of Honor

Captain James Izlar

Captain James Izlar with Co. G, 25th SC Volunteers arrived with several companies the afternoon of January 15, 1865 to reinforce the shrinking fort garrison in repelling the Federal assault. Izlar and his men joined in a holding action until completely overwhelmed. Capt. Izlar was captured and sent to Fort Columbus in NY harbor as a POW. His…

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Seaman Henry Sands

Seaman Henry Sands of the U.S.S. Tacony volunteered to accompany a party of small boats led by “Lincoln’s Commando” Lt. Cmdr. William B. Cushing to sound New Inlet during the Christmas battle of 1864. Discovered by Confederates at Battery Buchanan, the boats were fired upon with one shell severing both of Sands’ legs at the knees.…

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Pvt. George W. Benson

Pvt. George W. Benson with Co. H, 36th NC Troops faithfully served his 32-pounder on the fort’s landface and saw his comrades perish one by one from the fleet’s bombardment and then by the Federal infantry attack. Benson was taken prisoner, survived Point Lookout POW Camp and came home to live a long productive life. George…

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Pvt. C.C. “Kit” Bland

Under intense fire from the Federal fleet, nineteen-year old Pvt. C.C. “Kit” Bland, Co. K, 36th NC Troops shimmied up the Mound Battery flag staff twice to hoist the Confederate flag during the Christmas 1864 battle. Bland was wounded and captured at the January 1865 battle.  He survived amputation of his lower left leg and Point Lookout…

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Pvt. William H. Freeman

Pvt. William H. Freeman, 169th NY Infantry, from Troy, NY volunteered to carry the 3rd Brigade flag in the successful assault on Fort Fisher’s landface traverses. Freeman survived the battle and his heroism was rewarded with the Medal of Honor, now on display at Fort Fisher State Historic Site.

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